Dhaka Hotel Girl


The people of Bangladesh also enjoy variety of rather delightful sweets that include roshgulla, sandesh, gulab jamun and a huge variety of milk-based sweets. Some very famous and loved artists and lyricists like Lalon Shah, Hason Raja, Kangal Harinath, Romesh Shill and Abbas Uddin have won the hearts of Bangladeshi people with their music
This meant that people retained many of their local customs and especially food habits. Handicrafts like pottery works, jute works, metal ware, textile are some of the handicraft industries flourishing in Bangladesh.  Bangladesh is also one of the biggest centers of art and crafts in the Indian sub-continent. The Christian influence came to Bengal a few hundred years after its arrival on the Western borders of India. While the religion propagated in the populace, the region remained isolated from the political and religious centres of Christian India.