Dhaka Hotel Girl

Bangla Food

The metropolis of Dhaka. Come morning, light dribbles down the flanks of the high-rise edifices, calling out to people for another day of sweat-inducing workaholism. The best Hilsa comes from the Padma river (as the Ganges is called in Bangladesh). The menu consists of a range of bhortas (shrimp, hilsha, taaki, eggplant, potato, etc.) and bhajis. Fish loving Bangladeshis love the Hilsa fish (ilish) so much that we have it is their national fish. Bengali cooks can toss up some delicious bread, including the unleavened luchi, but rice is considered a superior base for most traditional food. The restaurant has also opened many eyes; those who thought Bangladeshi food was synonymous to Indian food are surely reformulating their views. This, in turn, could affect the quality of food.